We are one of the UK's most experienced live audio recording companies. You can find us working at everything from theatre and arena shows to the tiniest pub and club gigs.

Recording solutions

We specialise in "de-rig" recording systems designed to load into the venue. We configure each system to suit the event, supplying anything from a compact 32-track rig, to 64 tracks or more over MADI optical fibre. Exemplary audio quality and independence from the live sound system is ensured through the use of Jensen and Lundahl transformer microphone splitters, and studio-proven mic preamps and A-D conversion.

At most shows, we set up near monitor-world, or occasionally next to the front-of-house board. If space is particularly tight or better isolation is needed, then recording, mixing and monitoring can take place in a backstage room or any other suitable space. We frequently mix live for broadcast, artist review, or video reference.

When a super-portable system is needed (for example, when it's necessary to fly to a show) we have a lightweight configuration that packs into two cases and records multitrack audio directly from the majority of digital FOH or monitor boards.

We have also been recording sessions in all kinds of unconventional venues, supplying the complete live sound and recording package.

Beyond stage-sound

As experienced engineers, we understand both live production issues and the needs of the studio mixer. We keep a low profile so that your production runs as smoothly as ever and provide additional mics or DIs where we think it will be advantageous. Naturally, we also place multiple microphones to effectively capture the room ambience and crowd reaction


A successful audio record is critical to most productions, so our rigs are designed to be as bullet-proof as possible. We use battery-backed-up power systems, and always operate a full multitrack safety. With years of experience behind us, we're also quick to identify those little things that can threaten a successful recording, whether it's a cable routing issue or a rattling grille on an SM57.

Sound for picture

Much of our work is for video, whether it's broadcast, DVD or online. We're fluent in video sync and timecode and are comfortable in a television production environment. If you're looking for a video team as well as audio, we can put you in touch with the best in the business.

Mobile four-track system

When the job doesn't need a full multitrack rig, our "run-and-gun" four-track system is ideal. A solid-state recorder, mics and accessories fit into a backpack and can be operated by a single engineer. Ideal for documentaries, DVD extras, online, interviews, etc, where mobility and speed of setup are crucial.


We supply your multitrack audio on hard disk as 24-bit WAV files, ready to mix at the studio of your choice. We also mix projects at our studio, turning out anything from a rough stereo mix to a fully-mastered CD or 5.1 surround mix for broadcast and DVD.


Pricing depends on the specifics of the job. Contact me and I will be happy to put together a quote for you.